I'm passionate about making a difference.

My story began as a child, when I always had a pencil in my hand. Then when I got a little older I first became enthusiastic about graphic design and web programming techniques. Having been taught how to paint in a Greek Monastery at an early age, my artistic talents led me to working in the rapidly developing graphic design industry of the Middle East. This is where my passion for this work engulfed me. I was able to quickly develop my technical skills and hone my design abilities. I have previously worked as the Art Director for Switch, one of the top publishing companies in the Middle East, producing magazines, newspapers and other high quality publications for Qatar Foundation, an internationally renowned organisation which promotes educational excellence and scientific discovery. Most recently I was the Creative Director for Alef Magazine, Alef is an independent magazine published out of Doha, Qatar. Printed bi-monthly in a bilingual format (English and Arabic) the magazine focuses on cultural topics that are indigenous to the Gulf region, with an international outreach. The magazine is available on the global newsstand. I am currently the Creative Director for WhiteGoose Designs where I am constantly developing new styles and techniques to give me the edge in this exciting and ever changing industry.

"I'm passionate about making a difference. When I'm involved with a project at work, I want to do my best to achieve success. I feel the same way about what I do in my personal life."

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